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Take the Clean Neighborhood, Parks and Waters Pledge:

I will do my best to:

  1. Pick up litter from my yard and neighborhood
  2. Keep trash in my car until I find a proper waste receptacle
  3. Fix water leaks in my home (keeps the water bill low too)
  4. Learn about lead in water and paint so I can protect myself and my family from lead poisoning
  5. Conserve water use by
    1. Disconnect home downspouts from sewers and manage rain water with "green infrastructure".
    2. Avoid doing laundry during heavy rainstorms. Get a text alert when large storms are coming
  6. Pick up pet poop and dispose of it properly to keep it out of our shared water resources.
  7. Compost leaves and yard waste in a corner of the yard (and keep it away from storm drains)
  8. Avoid fertilizer and pesticides on lawns and gardens.
  9. Reduce use of salt in winter. Shovel snow frequently and use less or no salt.
  10. Avoid flushing medications (or condoms!)  or anything but human waste and TP down the toilet
  11. Adopt-a-Storm-Drain near my home. Avoid dumping anything down a storm drain that I would not drink or swim in.
  12. Take old paints, pesticides or waste chemicals to a hazardous waste collections site.

Did you know?

Rain and melting snow travels across streets and lawns into our storm drains and rivers and into Lake Michigan.  It carries litter, fertilizer and dog poop into water that we eventually drink.  This “run-off” does not go through a sewage treatment plant.  It becomes water pollution.  The water we drink is from Lake Michigan so it’s important to keep our neighborhoods, parks and rivers clean!

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Want your own Anti-Litter Yard Sign?
Call Northwest Side Community Development
Ask for Dani: 414-444-8200 ext 8102
or email

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